How To Make Scrubs At Home

How To Make Scrubs At Home:

In order to remove the dirt from face we usually go for the face wash with soaps as we do this daily routine but this is not sufficient for keeping our face clean and clear.It is better use scrub at least for twice a week.Many thinks beauty parlous as the option for this but we can make our own scrubs at home with simple and available ingredients at home itself.And one more important advantage with this the scrubs we prepare at home is free from chemicals,so let us see how we can prepare scrubs at home./

Video For Making Scrub:

This scrub is made with lemon

Procedures For Making Scrubs At Home:

1)Take one spoon of orange peel powder(Dry the peels of orange and make it into fine powder)mix it with one spoon of curd,add little water and apply it on the face and massage with fingers on your face and cl;ean after 15 minutes.

2)Two 2 teaspoons of Bengal Gram powder add little milk to make it into a paste massage with mixture for 3 minutes on face,wash with the Luke warm water.

3)Peel of the apple and remove seeds from it,make the flesh of apple into fine paste,add one teaspoon of honey and add two tea spoons of oat meal powder and add little water to it that's it your scrub is ready to use.

4)Take rice flour ,add milk you can use this scrub daily.

5)Take gram dal flour ,sandal powder in equal ratio add little milk as a base to make it a paste,you can use scrub daily.

6)To avoid dead cells ,make a scrub with oat meal powder,badam paste and milk.