How to Take Care Of Skin In Summer Season

How to Take Care Of Skin In Summer Season:

It's common that irritation persists in summer because of the heat and sweat released from your body.To have some home care for skin in summer season is to follow the below tips that will help you to protect your skin from damage due to the sun.

sandal is the best home remedy to have relief in the summer season and works very fine to safeguard skin.
see how you can use sandal wood powder in different forms.

i)How to avoid sweat or get relief from sweat with sandal wood powder:

Take a spoon of sandal wood powder and mix with some rose water ,thus make it into  a paste and apply on the face and neck to get relief from sweat in the summer season.

ii)Take a spoon of sandal powder and add it to milk to make a fine paste apply it on the face this is for getting mild skin.

iii)Mix sandal powder with turmeric powder and add a little honey to it make a face pack of it and apply it on the face and neck to avoid skin darkness in the summer season.

iv)Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers.

v)Finally water is the best way to protect keep skin safe in summer.

Summer Diet:

 Coming to the diet which is to be taken in  the summer or simply call it as summer diet lets us see how summer diet can help us in the summer

choose  vitamin-A rich content foods like carrot,green leafs  and richantioxidants, it fights against skinaging, regenerates skin cells and restoresthe elasticity of skin.

Lemon which posses rich content of Vitamin C will keep your skin beautiful.Orange - Rich in vitamin C, it helpsimproves skin texture.

Papaya - The benefits of this fruit for ourskin has been talked about since the timeof our ancestors.

Banana - Rich in vitamin A, B andE, Bananas work as anti-aging agents. Afresh mashed banana facial can dowonders for your skin.