How To Remove Dandruff | Remove Dandruff Naturally

How To Remove Dandruff:

we should follow some simple steps to get rid of dandruff by below tips

Now a days Dandruff became a serious and common problem for many of us.This also results in itching that is a too worst case usually dandruff comes out few reasons  due to uncleanness on the scalp or if your skin type is dry or excess exposure to your hair to dust this allows fungus and other bacteria to grow on your hair,many of us suffer from excess secretion of oil release on our scalp this in turn gives chance to develop fungus on it and finally dandruff comes into action and followed by itching and hair loss to avoid this first of all do wash your hair regularly(not needed everyday)with a mild shampoo or a natural home made shampoo with less chemical concentration

These are some of the Home Made Tips To Remove Dandruff:

1)Massage with olive oil as olive oil is a good nourishment for hair and it also sloves dryness problem on hair scalp and helps removes breakages if any on the scalp.
apply with your finger tips and gently massage on your head for 20 minutes(do this at before going to sleep).

2)One very simply and home made tip for removing dandruff is take one fresh apple and make it into fine paste and apply it to scalp and wash your hair after 30 minutes

3)Vinegar can be used as one of the solution for dandruff

4)Never leave your hair wet or don't ever comb your hair when it is wet this leads to dandruff and don't  use others comb

5)Lemon(contains citric acid)is a best solution of dandruff problem you can apply lemon juice and mustard seed powder together to remove dandruff and for to get silky hair this tip 
is helpful

6)The nature best gift for hair health is aloe Vera plant if it is available for you then extract the juice from it and apply to the hair and scalp completely rub it 
thoroughly and leave that for 30 minutes then wash your hair with mild shampoo,this works in removing dandruff and thickening of your hair too.

7)Do you know one more excellent solution for dandruff is   tea tree oil which is  a strong natural antiseptic available for us as antiseptic,this helps a lot in removing dandruff

8)You can use aspirin to treat dandruff

9)mix a very little of baking soda with your shampoo and then clean your with this shampoo this helps removing in dandruff yes this home made simple remedy for removing dandruff

10)one more home made remedy for solution of dandruff is Soak the  Fenugreek seeds  in water for whole night and keep it aside. Then in the morning
grind into fine paste apply it to your and scalp.

11)Another home made solution for solving dandruff Mix  powder of Moong beans and yogurt. Make a paste and apply it to hair and scalp ,Beets can be ground to a paste and applied for 30 minutes.
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