How to get rid of Oily skin

How to get rid of Oily skin:

Its too serious problem with oily skin especially in summer because the problem increases more in this season,by following some simple home made remedies we can get rid of the oily skin actually oily skin is not a big problem if we deal that carefuly.

Let us see some of the Home made tips for oily skin:

1)It is a known fact that fruits have been found responsible in lessening the effects of oily skin, for example when a small quantity of apple juice and drops of lemon juice are applied on a skin for 10 to 15 minutes you can see yourself how clean your face becomes.

Video for getting rid of oily skin:

2.You can take the assistance of milk to wash your skin to get rid of oily skin which has been clogged overtime. For this purpose take a small quantity of milk and apply over your face wash it after 10 to 15 minutes to get rid of oily skin.

3.Honey has many beneficial effects, one such excellent way to get rid of oily skin has been to apply a thin layer of honey over your face and wash it after 15 minutes.

4)Remove dirt is a important issue and dead skin cellremoval  from the face by exfoliating regularly is the key to sucess for removing oily skin.  Make an exfoliate cleanser using baking soda with water. Apply the paste on your face; allow it to stay for 10-15 minutes.  Afterwards, wash your face using a soft cotton cloth in order to remove dead skin cells.

5)Lemon or lemon powder is one of the best natural cleansers for oily skin care since from the start of skin care practice. Fresh squeezed lemon used as strong and powerful cleanser that is effective for all types of skin. Lemon powder provides the best natural cleansing and toning effect on your face by cleaning all dead cells.

6)As your skin is oily its better avoid exposure to sun. The sun damages your skin and it causes premature aging. Use sun block to protect your skin from sunburn. Remember whilst choosing sunscreen, it should be at least SPF 15 and oil-free one.

7)Oil-control toners help clean away dirt and other materials left after washing your face. Avoid toners containing alcohol as this can dry out your skin quickly. Apply toners on oily areas of the face. Using toners on areas that are dry may cause further dryness and flakiness.

8)Everybody needs moisturizers, no matter the skin type. The key is choosing a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic and oil-free. As with toners, vary the amount of moisturizer you apply depending on the oiliness of the area.

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Make this your daily skin care routine.