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Things to care about lip color changing

color change of lips we can observe sometimes there may be several reasons for this happen one of the reason for color changing of our lips is excess consumption of tea and coffee like hot drinks we usually take in our daily life this can turn lips black in addition to staining your teeth. So, it is better to limit your caffeine intake, in order to avoid your lips from acquiring a darker hue.

Video demonstration about lip color care:

ii)Avoid exposure to sunlight you may think only skin will get effect to sun but this applies to lips also so better take necessary care when you are exposed to sun.

iii)one common reason for decoloring of lips is observed with women is Prolonged and excessive use of lipsticks and lip cosmetics, this may be one of the reasons for  lip pigmentation(always go for the best quality lip products).
Use lipsticks sparingly (apply only when you need them the most) and always buy lip products from reputed brands.

iv)Daily application of cucumber juice on the lips would also help lighten dark lips.

v) home made simple  remedy is make  a mixture of lime juice, glycerin and honey and leaving it overnight.

vi)One of the simple remedy to lighten dark, dull lips and create a beautiful pink color is using pomegranate seeds. Crush up the seeds and mix it with some milk cream this will help in bringing pink color to your lips.

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