Beauty Masks With Banana

Beauty Masks With Banana:

We treat Banana as a eatable only but it is quite useful as a beauty remedy for you,you can have a beauty parlour at your home only with using bananas in different ways.We can make lot of useful beauty masks with banana.It mainly acts as  a moisturising agent to the skin,it helps in hiding the early ageing effect for the skin as banana contain E-vitamin it posses this quality of anti-ageing effect.

1)First Beauty Mask With Banana:

Take a ripen banana,make a fine paste of it apply it over the face as a mask leave it for 15 minutes and clean with warm water that's it this mask brings wonderful moisturising to the skin.

2)Second Mask With Banana:

Many of us face problem with oily skin when we go outside,so in order  to look fresh,take a ripen banana and smash it add 4 drops of lemon juice to the paste and apply as a mask this will bring glow and freshness to the face.

3)Removing Dead cells with Banana Mask:

As banana contains E-vitamin we can use as a anti-ageing agent,take some oat meal powder,mix it with coconut milk add banana make it into a fine paste apply to the face,this mask is helpful in  removing any dead cells present on the skin thus giving natural freshness to the face.