Remove Dark Spots Below Eyes | How to Remove Black Spots

Remove Dark Spots Below Eyes:

Face is the first thing which creates impression generally,eyes are first on face,so having clear skin on face is
so important to give a nice appearance all the time many will face the problem of dark/black spots below the eyes,this will disturb the whole appearance of our face,the reason for the dark spots may be because of insufficient sleep or rest. stress is one of the reason for occurrence of dark spots.

Below are some of the home made remedies for solving dark/black spots below eyes.

1)Take Courgelet(keera dosakaya in Telugu)make it into fine paste ,apply on the dark spotted area below your skin or where ever it occurred and wash it with cold water after 15 minutes,you can preserve this paste by keeping it in a freeze.

2)Extract juice from potatoes,add 6 drops of Cucumber juice and apply this liquid on the dark spots area,this will help  in removing dark spots from the skin.

3)Take equal amount of rose water and Courgelet juice now take some cotton and dip in that liquid and keep it in the freeze for some time afterwards keep this cotton on your  eyes and later clean your face with cold water.

4)Tea bags are excellent home made remedies for removing dark spots around the eyes,just keep the tea bags in freeze for some time  and place these tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes this procedure will help in removing black spots near the eyes and also gives relaxation to you.

5)In order to avoid occurrence of black spots on your face or around eyes or to have good blood circulation just sprinkle the chilled milk on your face,this tip will increase the blood circulation near the milk sprinkled area thus we can avoid dark-black spots on our face

Note :The main to check to solve dark spots on face or eyes is be stress free yourselves and have a sufficient amount  of sleep daily and eat some fresh leafy vegetables.