what to do to get good skin

what can i do to have good skin

skin is the outer part of the body tells about you,you should maintain a healthy skin in order  to look beautiful cuteness comes through the appearance of good skin.There are several home remedies
for skin we will discuss some  simply and easy made remedies for skin now.As skin is the part mostly 
exposed to various conditions around us we should carefully protect it and nourish it for good healthier skin. the most question most of us have is what to do to have nice skin,because the beauty lies in skin and the way it looks brings difference. OK lets have a serious question to ourselves what to do to have good skin,here home remedies for glowing skin is bringing you the answer for the above one.

i)Cleaning our face is the common thing we do daily but now onwards try washing your face with little warm water,for those who have dry skin steam is the best solution for them first of all boil the water and expose a clean cloth to  the steam and  now keep the cloth on your face for the steam to get on your skin/face.As the water is boiled(little  warm helps remove the overall dirt on your skin this is what you can do to have nice skin).

ii)Another thing you can do to have a good skin is apply lemon juice on your skin but as lemon is a citric acid just  dilute with water(mix with few drops of water) and apply to your face or skin what ever the part you required and clean with normal water after 5 minutes.

iii)Taking good and proper diet is one of the most essential thing to have a good skin,eat
recommended five portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

iv)The universal treatment to posses an excellent skin type is drinking sufficient of water because our skin needs some amount of water to have its activities done if your intake of water is less or insufficient in a day your skin will face problems thus results in various skin problems those who have dry skin take water regularly,usually you should take 5 cups/glasses of water.

v)what should i do to have good skin,yes you can apply sun screen apply sunscreen when you are going outside,this protects damage from sun.

vi)See that you take more c-vitamin foods in your diet because in c-vitamin  foods(like lemon,strawberries etc) a protien called collagen presents which keeps skin firm.

vii)Green tea is another nature's gift to have a nice skin as it contains EGCG which  helps prevent skin cancer and also helps in skin acne problems now  i think many of us got the answer for what should i do to have good skin?