Home Remedies For Soft Skin

Home Remedies For Soft Skin


 Now a days everyone wants to look beautiful,it is quite achievable to get soft skin by following some simple home remedies for soft skin.Below are some of the tips available for you to get your skin flaw less
the main thing you should do to get this trick done is drink sufficient water everyday.supple skin is not that easy to get so you some serious concentration and should take care of your skin daily,see you maintain cleanliness,let us one home trick to get smooth skin

First process and home remedy for spongy skin 
Note:  This procedure is not the one shown in the above video,this is a separate one

i) First of all take some fresh milk into a bowl keep it like that for some time and now take some cotton and dip into the milk.
ii).With this milk dipped cotton ball rub in the circular motion on the face thoroughly  allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes.
iii)Clean with the cold water water,use always fresh cloth.

2)Diet is another important thing to check with to have a spongy skin,it is better to eat leafy vegetables regularly because vitamins and iron content is rich in leafy vegetable so these are very much helpful in getting you soft skin.

skin tone tells about ourselves let us see one more home remedy for getting smooth skin:

i) we will take bath daily but just do this simple home remedy to make your skin smoother than ever apply and massage you body with some oil before 30 minutes you got to bath better to you  olive or almonds oil for this purpose massage gives nourishment so smoothness comes naturally after bath it maintains or balances the oil content needed for the skin.Warm water is always good to opt for bathing  Cool water also helps the body to maintain  moisture,therefore it is better to avoid very hot water.

Almond for pulpy skin :

 Almond oil  has a variety of benefits its a nature gift provided to us, it is helpful as a  potent facial cleanser. but be careful when using bitter almonds because it may contain  cyanide which is a anti-element for skin so better to avoid bitter almonds.As many people know almonds are a rich in  vitamin E, which makes them best solution  for  hair care and skin care. The resulting oil is smooth and silky, with a faint, pleasing which is our basic requirement . Whether you use it as massage oil, a natural moisturizer, or a way to keep your skin glow.

Get rid of dry skin to get soft skin:

If your skin is getting dry all the time,we should the discover the actual reasons behind if your problems gets increases day by day you should avoid using high content chemical soaps or cosmetics.Those will observe the oil on the outer skin and makes your skin appear dry,washing your face frequently also makes your skin dry,so better to use liquid soaps,check whether chlorine is more in the water you are using,use moisturizer once in  a day,take fruit salads,barley water and leafy vegetables in your diet this helps in maintaining good skin,sun also  makes the skin dry,use sunscreen lotion to protect your skin.

Some Best home remedies for pulpy soft skin

  • you can use  as cleanser with apple outer skin ,this works wonders for skin.  
  • Take a cup and mix cucumber pulp and  curd leave it for 15 minutes and  apply on your skin, and see your skin becomes smooth and spongy.
  •  Take one  banana grind it mix it with milk  and apply all over your face this home pack is also helpful for getting smooth and soft skin.
  • Gram dal flour is a excellent home made solution for good skin,mix it with few drops of raw milk.
  • Honey mixed with lemon juice is a best face pack for spongy skin