Anti-Ageing Face Packs,Face Packs With Pudina For Glowing Skin

Anti-Ageing Face Packs:

Do you know excellent thing about pudina ?pudina leaves are helpful as anti-ageing elements,its the nature provided gift to store youthfulness in us.Pudina ;eaves will do a lot in order to help getting beautiful skin with some simple home made tips or remedies.

Let us see some of the home made face packs/remedies with pudina leaves for glowing skin:

i)First of all make pudina leaves into a fine paste,add little turmeric powder,now wash your face with warm water and apply this mixture on your face fully,allow it to dry for 15 minutes and clean your face with some cold water. this pack is useful to make your skin mild thus bringing a natural glowing to your face.

ii)Take white part of the egg,add some pudina leaves paste to it,apply to the face,this face pack pudina with egg white helps in avoiding the frequent occurences of pimples and dark spots on  face,so those who are facing the problem of pimples or who want to find a solution of pimples problem can go for this face pack.

iii)Take the juice of papaya and mix with the juice of pudina leaves to form a liquid,this pudina-papaya liquid can be applied to the area on the skin where it is effected with some skin dieases.

Other important Facts About pudina:
1)Pudina is useful as a anti-ageing element avoids early skin foldings
2)pudina oil is available in the market can be used as a hair oil this oil helps in fast growth of hair and also solves the problem of dandruff.