Fruits required for glowing skin.

Get a Glowing Skin through Fruits:

                                    The benefits of fruits is besides for consumption also can be for beauty masks. There are many factors that cause problems in the health and beauty of the skin, ranging for stress, unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle and free radicals. No wonder now more and more people are turning to use natural ingredients to keep and maintain the health and beauty. Lets see the fruits required for Glowing Skin.

Diet plays a very important role in having a fairer and health natural skin glow see what is the best diet to follow to get a glowing skin


       Lime has Vitamin C and anti-oxidant substances that are beneficial to shrink pores, smooths and brightens the skin. You can trying using lime, you cut into two parts, then wring it out and take the water, then apply on the skin evenly. Let stand for about 10-20 minutes, then wash your face with cold water.


                      Apples have lasting substance and collagen which can reduce the oil on the
skin. You can try it out by making a mask like this apple, remove peel apple and smash with a blender machine without mixed with water, After that apply a mask apples evenly over the face with warm water and continued with cold water so that the pores of the skin to shrink. Do like this in order to get a glowing skin.


                      Bananas contain potassium, iron, calcium, protein, phosphorus, Vitamin A,
Vitamin B and Vitamin C. All minerals and vitamins are consumed not only very good for your health but can also help treat a variety of skin types, to process it not a mask: see the face packs with banana can be made at home.

 For Oily Skin:

        Puree bananas in a way crushed and then add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix until evenly then apply the mixture on the face and leave for 20 min. Then rinse with warm water. For maximum results use this mask everyday, for 30-40 days.And see how we can get rid of oily skin problem

For Normal Skin:

       Puree bananas, then mix it with one teaspoon of yogurt and apply the mixture on the face and leave for 20 min. Then wash it off with warm water. You can replace yogurt with honey as a mix to make this mask.


           Strawberry contains salicyclic acid which is very good for our skin lightening.
In addition, antioxidant substances help repair skin damage and also can shrink pores. How to make this is so easy. The first you pulverized 5 strawberries until it is destroyed. Then add one teaspoon of honey or can be replaced with yogurt and apply evenly to the face and leave for 30 min. Rinse your face with cold water. Wear this mask once a week and guaranteed you going to have a skin that is more fresh and bright.


                           One of the natural ingredients that good used is grapes that rich in antioxidants because it has a high antioxidant, wine good for skin care because it fights the effects of aging are visible from wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Antioxidants in wine help simulate collagen in the skin by giving the  skin elasticity required by our skin. Want to feel the greatness of the benefits of Grapes for our skin simply by wearing a mask of grapes. Take some hand full of grapes and grind it well make it into fine paste. Apply this in the face and neck leave it for 20 min then wash off with cold water.