Home remedies for Dry Cough

Home remedies for Dry Cough 

                       Coughing is a natural body reflex. These are mainly due to sinus problems, allergy to dust etc. But constant coughing results in irritation which requires treatment. Below are few home remedies for Dry Cough.


                       Soak 7-10 almonds in a bowl overnight. In the morning peel of its skin and smash it and make it into a paste and add equal quantities of butter and honey to the paste and eat this in every morning and evening. By doing this the cough gradually decreases.


                         Take one glass of lukewarm water in that mix one teaspoon of Turmeric powder and another teaspoon of carom and mix well. Drink this for twice a day which will have good results. We can add even a glass of MILK instead of water.


                    Take a hand full of Basil or Tulasi leaves and wash it thoroughly and crush it and make it into a fine paste. Similarly take a small piece of ginger and make it into paste. For every teaspoon of Basil paste add a teaspoon of Ginger paste then extract the juice from that and mix it with water and take it thrice a day.

                   To treat your present state of sufferings, take half tea spoon ginger powder, quarter tea spoon black pepper powder and quarter tea spoon cinnamon powder. Mix them well with one teaspoon honey to make chutney. Lick it twice a day after meal for best results.