Home Tips to Avoid Socks Smell,Solution for Socks Stinking

Home Tips to Avoid Socks Smell:

Do you fed up with the socks stinking smell,i dont know about your case but i fed up with the smell which comes out from my socks so i feel share some of the tips to avoid bad smell from socks due to the sweat released from the feet.Is your  feet still stink after endless scrubbing? Are they sweating a lot? Lets us see some of the remedies that solve the stink from the socks we wear.Are you bothered by the subtle but growing smell coming from your shoes and feet? Foot smell could be caused by any number of things: overuse of one pair of shoes, bacterial or fungal infection, or lack of aeration, among others. If you want to be rid of that tangy, musky, foul smell coming from your nice kicks, look no further. Read on for a discussion of how to keep your shoes from stinking.

  • Wear the correct shoes which suits you :
  • Wear shoes that breathe Leave the plastic ones on the shelf, and try to buy leather ones. Leather shoes are good for your feet to get some air. Plastic shoes restrict air flow thus sweat wont goes out which ultimately results out the bad smell.
  • Cleanilyness is the best solution for this just soak your feet in a bucket of nice, warm water. Add some soap or body wash of your choice. Keep your feet in the bucket until you feel that your feet are clean. After you are done soaking, take your feet out and put some foot cream on your feet. Check out Keep Feet Clean.
  • Its a very good option to use cotton socks which observes the sweat realeased from your feet thus avoids the bad smell from your feet.
  • Simple trick with Your shoes Sprinkle a bit into your shoes every night when you take them off. Before you put your shoes on in the morning, take the shoes outside and clap the soles together to get rid of excess powder.
  • Use cedar insoles or chips. Cedar has anti-fungal properties and is often used to deodorize clothes. The insoles would stay in your shoes, while the chips would need to be inserted at night and removed in the morning.
  • Use dryer sheets. Simply place a couple of dryer sheets in your shoes while you use them. These instantly deodorize the smell.
  • Freeze the shoes over night this will kill any bacteria which causes smell.

Hope this simple home made tips solve the problem of stink of socks.