Home remedies for pigmentation

Home Made solutions for pigmentation

Personal Home Care for pigmentation.Get the best remedies that you can do with in your home for pigmentation.
skin pigmentation is one such thing which is very very embarrassing if we get that no one likes a acne or a deadly spot on our face or the outer skin which is exposed to other people

Patchy pigmentation on the face is a most unwanted case for any one.If your facing this problem don't get worried too much follow the below steps carefully and often you can get rid of the patchy pigmentation out of your face ,this problem is quite noticeable and should be taken care immediately why because a spot on the face disturbs us continuously especially for women. The critical issue is to diagnosis whether those are patches of darker pigmentation, or it’s normal skin color which seems to look darker by vitiation in the surrounding skin area.

pigmentation is a result of melanin secretion,mostly seen in diabetes effected people and that too more in women.

Reasons for pigmentation:
1)Over exposure to sun light
2)Genetics also decide pigmentation
3)Over release of melanin in a particular area of the skin---Hyper pigmentation(Melanin is the chemical secreted in your epidermis which changes our skins tone)
4)Injury's like burnt
5)Emotional over stress may also result in skin pigmentation
6)During pregnancy Melasma can occur but it is most common case observed

1)Mix a little Honey  with milk and make it as a  face mask. Apply four times a week makes the skin glow

2)Apply moisturizer with soy extract when you think that you are going to exposed to sun like when you are going outside in day time on a bike or for a walk etc.choose sunscreen with spf 50 this is quite good to apply .

3)Take oats and make into powder,mix with little turmeric powder and and add 1 teaspoon of sugar,add little water and make into fine paste and apply on the pigmented surface.before going to bed you can apply this and keep for 15 minutes and clean with water.

4)One more interesting home made tip is to finely grind some strawberries and apply that face on affected area.clean with water after 20 minutes repeat this twice a week  upto you observe some result.
5)If you have acne on your skin then Tea Tree oil may be a good option for you.

6)one more home remedy for pigmentation is tomatoes,as tomatoes are  excellent source of vitamin A this will help to reduce the concentration of pigmentation affected area apply tomato juice on the area and clean with water after 30 minutes.

7)As many know pure honey is a perfect solution to remove marks on our skin has it has lot of good anti marking enzymes which will help in fade out of pigmentation marks.

8)The most common available home made treatment for pigmentation is butter milk as it contains bleach it helps in cure.

9)collect some outer peels of orange and made them dry in sun for four days and take them grind finely into powder and mix with honey and apply to affected area and rinse with water after 30 minutes.

10)one loving news is we can reduce the effect of pigmentation with fruits take banana and guava and grind them into paste and apply.

11)The white juice from raw egg is also best home made solution for pigmentation.

12)Take 1  spoon of lemon juice in a bowl and add  with  amount of honey and organic yogurt. Now apply on the pigmented area and wash after 15 minutes.