Beauty Tips For Women

Beauty Tips For Women:

Women are very cautious about their beauty this is a positive think to talk because beauty is a result of good health in order to look beautiful they tend to maintain good health for example taking good amount of water,this process will help in making you look beautiful but internally this is not a beauty trick but a health tip.

i)The first beauty tip for women is drinking enough water for a day:The more intake of water leads to good maintenance of ph value in your body thus providing healthy skin,which is ultimate reason to look beautiful.

ii)Second important beauty tip for women is diet yes perfect diet results in good beauty,so its good to take less oily foods with more fruits in your daily routine and fish is the best natural medicine which acts as a anti-ageing agent.Drinking milk also helps women very much.

More beauty tips for women:

iii)Third beauty tip for women to look beautiful is taking enough rest now a days women are facing unnecessary stress due to not having enough rest in a day its very important to have 8 hours night sleep in a day.

Avoid mental tensions and make keep yourselves happy this effects lot on your beauty.

cleanliness is to avoid spots,pimples or any unnecessary things on your face check always to keep your skin clean this applies for towels you are using for cleaning your face,bed sheets etc.

women can use honey as the face mask to look fresh you can add lime for better results

Top Beauty Tips For women:

  •  Drink upto 2 litres of water in a day.
  •  You can use toothpaste on the spots
  •  you can keep tea bags on tired eyes
  •  Sleep wearing socks filled with moisturiser for getting soft feet
  •  Pinching cheeks to give a natural blush
  • Cucumber to keep on  eyes for relexation.
  • Drink milk daily
  • Baking soda to make teeth whiter
  • Adding fish in your diet menu
  • Drinking fruit juices
  • Rub with ice cubes to get rid of wrinkles