Benefits Of Lady Finger | Benefits Of Ladies Finger

Benefits Of Ladies Finger for Health And Beauty:

Ladies finger is a known and common vegetable which we use in our daily routine but how many of you know the complete benefits of ladies finger vegetable let us see some excellent benefits of ladies fingers for good health and beauty in fact and get some available points like how we can use ladies finger to apply  for the hair.

How to Use Ladies Finger For Hair:
 All of you may be aware of the fact that ladies finger contains some  sticky solution or fluid like thing which makes it more valuable,the stickiness element which it contains is very much helpful in maintaining a good Hair health condition,actually the juice of ladies finger will help the roots of the hair to have enough moisture which it needs to stay healthy from falling and it also makes the hair look smooth and silky,Let us see how we can apply ladies finger juice to the hair,soak 3 to 4 ladies finger for 3 to 4 hours and squeeze them to get juice extract from them and you can apply this juice to your hairs root.This is also cools your head thus reliefs from strain and heat from head.

Ladies Finger For Cooling Body:
Ladies finger is a natural refrigerant which effectively coo-lens our body with in no time,eating this vegetable often makes your body cool,instead you can try take 5 ladies fingers and soak in whole night in a glass ot water and in the water you can drink that water,which coo-lens your body in a great way.

Medicinal Values Of Ladies Finger:
1)one of the medical value of ladies finger is this acts as a antibiotic,natural antibiotic which helps fight bad bacteria in our body.Taking this regularly keeps our digestive system in a good healthy condition.
2)And according to old ayurvedic medicinal values of ladies finger have the power to act like anti blood cancer.
So its a very good diet plan for all of us to include this natural healthy vegetable readily available to give us good now you came to know benefits of eating ladies finger and in how many ways you can use ladies finger.

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